The Symptoms  
Shay always had a reoccurring feeling that she had fluid around here heart, and was always
short of breath, she was in and out of the emergency room many time with no one ever
catching the real cause. Her usual treatment at these facilities was to give her something to
calm her down, get her on oxygen and send her home with a nebulizer or pain medication.
There were even times that she was kept overnight, but the real problem was missed.
The one valve in Shay's heart on the right side called the _____________ doesn't open or
close all the way, this allows blood to not move forward completely, this was the cause of
the fluid is Shay's abdoman during her laperindectomy (See Her Road to Diagnosis) as well
as well as her shortness of breath, the fluid would also collect in her lungs causing the short-
ness of breath. The other valve on the right side is fibrouse from the Radiation Treatment,
and doesn't open and close in a positive manner.
The constriction Shay has always felt around her heart is the Paricarditis, the "fluid around
my heart again" statement she used to make, this condition causes the paracardium which
is the lining around your heart to thicken from a variety of causes, in Shay's case it is called
Constrictive Paricarditis caused by radiation treatment for Hodgkin's as a child.