The Road to Discovery  
Shay's illness progressed to a final conclusion on the fourth of July, but her cardiologist
believes that her illness started on the 2nd of July, which was a Saturday;
Saturday July 2nd 2005: At noon Shay was sent home from her workplace at noon because
of Dizziness, and loss of vision, that evening she continued to have the same symptoms and
a restless night with little sleep.
Sunday July 3rd 2005: Listlessness and lack of appetite and stomach discomfort, total lack
of sleep that evening.
Monday July 4th 2005: Normal day with fair appetite, Shay ate french toast at a local diner
and then went to a local job site, while at the jobsite at about 2:30 PM Shay was experiencing
severe abdominal pains and it was decided that she should go to the Emergency Room for
a check over.
Upon arrival at the ER Shay was admitted to a room and was tended to by 2 nurses, she was
fairly distressed, which was not unusual. After a short wait the Doctor came in, he listened to
her heart, took her blood pressure and felt her abdomen he made note of the swelling and
the fact that she had rebound tenderness of the abdomen. The doctor order some blood tests
when these came back the doctor was quite concerned, he checked her abdomen again and
then the tone changed in the ER, Shay was taken to another room in the ER, this one was
set up with an EKG and they transferred her to another table.
It was at this time that things changed, Shay was given a catheter, and was started on IV's
and a Doctor came down that explained that they thought Shay had Paritonitis or an infection
in her abdomen from a ruptured colen and that she was in septic shock. The doctors concern
was Shays lack of a spleen due to a Splenectomy, they believed that if she did have an
infection in her belly that she would die if they tried to just treat it with Medication and not
get proactive with her treatment. It was at that time that a laparotomy was scheduled and that
if anything was found that they would repair it such as a ruptured intestine etc.
Another doctor said that they were going to take her and put in a tube and put her on a
ventilator, and install a heart monitoring catheter in her neck, she was started on medication
to get her stable enough for the surgery, the last thing she said was "I'm Scared"
The laparotomy was scheduled for 10:00 PM Monday and ended at 2 AM Tuesday the
5th of July. The Surgeon said that they didn't find anything as far as infections but that they
did find a bunch of clear fluid around her organs, and an enlarged liver, Shay was taken
back to ICU.
Tuesday July 5th; That day set the standard for the next few days, they were keeping her on
the ventilator and asleep, they had her pretty poofy from all the fluids they were putting in
her and she was sedated and asleep on a drug called Propofal. The nurse in attendance kept
referring to her as Critically Ill, and the doctors couldnt find anything in her cultures that would
lead them tword an infection of any kind. Continued (Click Here)